Hey! So Glad You're Here!

I'm a new blogger currently learning the ropes on how to build a brand around a topic I am passionate about: self-care! My goal is to create a resource for self-care for anyone to visit when they are feeling not so great. Whether it be about work, relationships, existentialism, burn out, anxiety, or depression. 

Growing up as an Asian, the idea of self-care was basically non-existent. I actually only recently found out about it and I have been on this planet for almost 30 years. I had no idea how to access it, how to start practicing, and why there was such an absence of it in my life. 

I did not realize how much I was missing out on. Work had always been the utmost priority and raison d'etre in my life and I realize now that I had let it consume me at an inexcusable level. My sleep schedule was all over the place, I exercised for all the wrong reasons, and I ate merely to get me through the next day. I ignored the idea of burnout, overwork, and overexercise, and told myself all you had to do was persevere and that would make everything better. 

I want to help people realize that there is a healthier way of living. You can still be both successful and live a healthy life. You don't always have to pull a million all-nighters in a row, inhale your food, and constantly be rushing through your schedule. Mental, physical, and spiritual health are all necessary to your growth and well being. It will be challenging to move in an upwards trajectory without it. 

My solution is a company and blog called the cozzee project. I started my journey in self-care when I picked up this book called The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking, in Barnes & Nobles. I didn't realize it would have such an impact. After that I read, Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, and then Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I kept researching, reading, and learning. I started practicing yoga more regularly and started being more mindful of everything that I did. I realized I wanted to share everything I was learning and help people experience what I was experiencing, and that after much brainstorming and mulling over where to start and how to start, I landed on a simple name and idea: the cozzee project. 

I hope you find the curated products and the articles as helpful as I found them to be. Leave me a note about things you want to see more of. Have an awesome day! 

stay cozzee, stay awhile xxx

Mara Sophia