10 Modular And Colorful Sofas That Will Make Your Living Room The Place To Be

Color makes the home.

Buying a sofa is definitely an investment, but it is so well worth it if matches your personality and creates a space perfect for memories! This blog post focuses on modular sofas specifically because they're highly adaptable and so easy to fit into any space. I searched the web for the best modular sofas that will make your space the place to be! Check them out below, and get ready to transform your home experience!

Le Mah Jong Modular Sofa | Hans Hopfer Jean Paul Gaultier


I love the amount of color used in this Mah-Jong modular sofa set by Hans Hopfer. It was designed in 1971 for Roche Bobois and used a current customized mix of textiles from the house of Missoni as well as the famed apparel designer John Paul Gaultier.

This modular sofa features tons of colorful cushions that can be arranged any which way. Mix, match, and stack according to however you're feeling.

The sofa is a mixture of silk velvet fabrics from Missoni and custom Gaultier silk that can no longer be purchased. The MSRP for this set is nearly 28,800 USD.

Hans Hopfer designed this modular sofa with an innovative approach to comfort and it certainly had a significant impact on interior design. Each cushion is made by hand was treated as you would treat Haute Couture.

CANCUN 6-Seater Multicolor Cotton Corner Sofa | Maisons Du Monde


Check out this 6-seater modular sofa by Maisons Du Monde! I absolutely love the beachy feel and colors! There are a total of 11 cushions and 6 mattresses to jump on and play with! Get ready to bring your friends over for an awesome time! It might be a good idea to find some other matching pieces that have orange and purlpe hues as well, just so you can tie the whole room together :)

ESCAPADE | Roche Bobois


This is another favorite of mine by Roche Bobois x Missoni. This modular set is upholstered in 100% cotton fabrics by the House of Missoni. It features removable covers and 100% feather duvet on foam core. The structure is made of solid wood, plywood, and engineered composite wood. That's a lot of wood! The base is in chrome-plated metal.

MAH JONG | Roche Bobois


This is another stunning piece by Roche Bobois, designed by Hans Hopfer. I love how some of the cushions shine iridescent in the light! Just to be clear, the Mah Jong sofa was created by Hans Hopfer in the 1970s and to this day it is the most recognized and iconic design by Roche Bobois. This new seating system broke away from the typical design mold and enabled a new and more innovative way of organizing living spaces.

The composition as shown (not including cushions) in Missoni Home fabric:

1 simple seat in Nadaun fabric 159.

3 seats with straight backrests in Nuh fabric

1 seat with corner backrest in Lobelia fabric 159

1 simple seat in Nuh fabric

1 seat with straight backrest in Libertad fabric 159

1 seat with corner backrest in Lobos fabric 159

1 seat with straight backrest in Nancho fabric 159

MAH JONG | Roche Bobois


Kenzo Takado dressed the iconic Mah Jong sofa in fabrics inspired by ancient kimonos from the Noh Theatre. He re-interpreted the patterns and colors to symbolise the 3 times of the day: Asa (morning), Hiru (midday), Yoru (evening). I love how whimsical and fun this piece is. it's definitely a conversation starter!

MAH JONG | Roche Bobois


This is my favorite piece from Roche Bobois. It's another Mah Jong sofa designed by Kenzo. I could stare at this all day for a million years and never get bored or restless. Imagine being high on this couch! Lol!

MAH JONG | Roche Bobois


Here's another piece by Kenzo. It's so ornate and captivating in all it's navy, turquoise, and moss splendor! This reminds me of peacocks!!! I love it!!!

Combo Sofa Modular | Frank Chou


The color combo here is beautiful. This sofa was made by Frank Chou and uses a mixture of fabrics. FYI Frank Chou Design Studio is now one of the most prestigious design studios in China, and China's huge!


Modulair 3-Set Modular Sofas | Fratelli Boffi


I love the irregular blob shapes of this sofa. On top of that Fratelli Boffi uses such a gorgeous combination of the tapestry pattern, leather and woven fabrics! This sofa is individually handmade by master craftsmen so please note any irregularities or natural blemishes are not flaws but integral elements that make each sofa unique. Fratelli Boffi is known for revolutionizing the ancient seriousness with irony and eclecticism. What a babe!

3-set modular sofas.

Dimensions: Diameter 362 width x 122 diameter x 85 height cm, SH 45 cm.

Set 1 115 W x 122 D x 85 H cm, SH 45 cm.

Set 2 137 W x 109 D x 73 H cm, SH 45 cm.

Set 3 110 W x 112 D x 80 H cm, SH 45 cm.

Fratelli Boffi Official Website

Bryant U-Sofa Bumper Sectional | JOYBIRD


Last but not least is this Bryant U-sofa bu Joybird. I recently discovered Joybird while looking for sofas and I love what their brand stands for. If you have 5 mins please check out their website and get ready to be wowed :) They make furniture that inspires joy!

This sofa comes in 52+ colors, customize as you wish, as well as 3 sizes! The frame is made of kiln-dried hardwood and the cushions are made of 100% blown fiber that is synthetic hypoallergenic which mimics the feel and look of feather/down.

I hope you enjoyed going through this listicle as much as I enjoyed curating it! Now go elevate your living room space! Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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