15+ Things That Will Help You Crush Your Habit Goals In 2020

New Year, New Decade, New Me!

So according to this science-backed article, it seems that "on average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behavior, the person, and the circumstances."

66 days can feel like a long time when you're leaving bad habits behind, and working towards building new ones. So to help you achieve level up your habit game I curated a list of my favorite habit-building tools that I know will help you crush your 2020 habit goals!

1. Bliss Collections Daily Planner Tear Off Pad, 50 Undated Sheets

  • Desk Notepad, Let’s Do This Daily Calendar, Schedule, Task Planner, To-Do List, Priorities, Water Intake Tracker, Notes, Organizer, 8.5

Not only is this in a beautiful cool robin blue shade the paper is high-quality uncoated card stock. You get 50 sheets to help you organize your daily appointments and tasks, track your water intake, health and fitness goals, and daily meals. There is also a notes section you can use to list your gratitudes and achievements. Hopefully, this will help to remind you that whatever is stressing you out is not the center of your life.


2. Monthly Habit Tracker Planner Inserts for RINGS | Personal, Personal Wide, and A5 Size Refill Pages

Materials used:

  • 32lb (120 GSM) FSC Certified, archival quality paper made from sustainable resources (to protect our forests!).

  • Laser ink (which means the ink won't smear with highlighters)

These planner inserts have garnered 2,587 5 star reviews on etsy! I love how elegant and clean it looks. It's also super easy to use. Imagine ticking off all those boxes one by one, or you draw links like a chain, just don't break it! Keep the habit going!


3. Bliss Collections Daily Planner Tear Off Pad, 50 Undated Sheets

  • Desk Notepad, Motivational Daily Calendar, Task Planner, To Do List, Productivity Schedule Organizer, Meal Planner, 8.5x11, Vertical

I love pastels, so this was another must-have for the list. Another thing that makes this unique is the layout and use of color blocking. Everything looks so balanced and seeing this already makes me feel like being more organized and pumped to hit all my goals, the big and the small ones.


4. 2020 365 Days Wall Calendar Daily Planner

  • 12 Monthly Wall Calendar with Festival Date for Organizing & Planning, 23x15.6In, 2 Sheets, Free Facial Stickers

I love how large this planner is! This way you can see the big picture and mark your progress! The included emoji stickers make it even more fun. It's an awesome way to list all the plans you have coming up, and mark off all the accomplishments you already made. It's also got mini monthly calendars towards the top. If you want to see the year in full check it out!

5. Habit Calendar & to Do List Planner

  • Spiral Bound Habit Tracker with Writable Goals, 12 Months Undated, 8"x10"

This is an UNDATED 12-month habit tracker. This calendar is flexible and provides spaces for 12 daily habits, 4 weekly habits, and 3 monthly habits. Also, it features a brainstorm section to help you narrow your focus on what to start tracking first. This calendar is travel-size, meaning you can bring it wherever, and use it whenever to keep track of all the habits you want to build.


6. Ban.do 12 Month 2020 Classic Academic Hardcover Planner

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Spreads, 8.13" x 5.13", Dated January 2020 – December 2020, A Lot Can Happen in a Year

ban.do is one of my favorite go-to's for all sorts of stationery and planners! This 2020 planner is beautiful and has inspiring quotes all over the place. It's hardbound, includes color-coded months, monthly and daily sections, a sewn-in ribbon, and spaces to make notes. There's a ton of stickers to play with, a 3D graphic page, 3D glasses, coloring pages, and a personality quiz. The illustrations and colors used in this planner are very uplifting. Definitely a must-have :) I chose the one that says BIG PLANS on it. It's perfect for bullet journaling.

7. ban.do Rough Draft Large Spiral Notebook

  • 11" x 9" with Pockets and 160 College Ruled Pages, Only The Beginning

Hey hey! It's another ban.do favorite! I love the cover on this one. Everything about this is positive and inspiring. This has got a thick hardcover with perforated edges that let you rip the pages out when you want to share your thoughts and ideas. Each page of this lined notebook has a space for the date, which makes it perfect to use for any journal entry. Also, it includes a double-sided pocket page for storing loose things. You'll never want to be without one of these ban.do notebooks again. And why should you? You're gonna need a place to jot down all of those brilliant ideas!

8. Ban.do Planner Essentials Set

  • Includes Paper Tape Rolls, Colored Ink Pens, and Sticker Book with Over 700 Colorful Stickers

ban.do for life! Here are all the essentials you need to journal your heart away. This set includes the paper tape rolls, over 700 stickers, and bright gel pens. I love how its all so bright, merry, and color-coded! Everything about this Planner Essentials Set is so fun and playful. Why wouldn't you want to start writing in your bullet journal??

9. So. Many. Planner Stickers.: 2,600 Stickers to Decorate, Organize, and Brighten Your Planner

50 pages x 52 stickers per page = 2,600 bright, beautiful stickers to spruce up your planner!

This HUGE collection of fun stickers will take your planner to the next level and make everyday planning awesome. Stick them on for everything from flag appointments, track goals, or mark vacations, paydays, book club meetings, to brunch, and beyond. Stay organized all year long!!!

10. bloom daily planners Health Wellness and Fitness Planner Stickers

  • Variety Sticker Pack - Six Sticker Sheets Per Pack!

Over 480 stickers about body positivity, exercise, and food! What's not to love? I like to use running or strength stickers to mark when I completed an hour of exercise. This year I'm gonna get back to running long distance. I guess I'll using one of those "cardio is hardio" stickers. These stickers not only track exercise, but they also track your self-care time, personal best records, water intake, and how much sleep you're getting.

2 sticker sheets have a matte finish so you can write all over them! Goals, positive affirmations, step goals, and sleep hygiene!

11. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Need a book to help build new habits. This book is it! You'll learn about practical strategies to build new better habits, and dissolve the break bad ones. This book will help you reframe the way you think about progress. To keep it short, the problem is not you, it's your system. You have the wrong system for change, and you keep falling to the level of your system, instead of rising to the level of your goals. Wanna quit smoking, reduce stress, or achieve any other goal? Give this book a shot ;)

12. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

This book is a great read! I read it when when I started my career and it is definitely insightful. Basically, it argues that the key to achieving all your personal goals is understanding how your habits work. And by harnessing this scientific discovery, you can build new habits and create a better life for yourself!

13. Streaks App

I'm a visual person and so I found this habit tracking app to be the best of the bunch. It's very easy to use and can track a variety of things. It also integrates with the iOS Health app so it can automatically track your steps, heart rate, and the number of miles run. Orange is also a favorite color so thumbs up to this!

14. Vision Board Workshop

So what is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visualization tool that refers to a board of any sort used to build a collage of words and pictures that represent your goals and dreams. By placing visual representations of your goals into one space, you can easily visualize them frequently. Remembering to look at them daily and imagine them as if they have already come true is one of the best ways to activate the Law of Attraction.

If you need help making a vision board, you can always attend a workshop, like the one above :)

15. Make It Happen Rose Gold Foil Wall Art Print

  • Inspirational Motivational Quote Metallic Pink Poster 8 inches x 10 inches A17

It's hard to continue on your habit streak when you are low on energy or feeling emotionally drained. Keep this close by where you can easily see it, and stay pumped!

16. I Can And I Will Rose Gold Foil Art Print

  • Home Wall Decor Inspirational Motivational Quote Metallic Pink Poster 8 inches x 10 inches B49

I love how simple, bold, and elegant this poster is! Here's another one to stick on your bedroom wall to keep you going!

17. RISE Podcast By Rachel Hollis

Who doesn't know Rachel Hollis? She's a huge inspiration to tons of women out there! If you haven't heard her uplifting podcast yet, check it out now!

18. Goal Digger Podcast By Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher is another uplifting podcaster I've been listening to! Not only does she have a great brand name "Goal Digger," her posts are refreshing and very authentic!

What tools do you use to build healthy good habits? What are your new habits for the new decade?

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