25 Coffee Table Books For That Friend Who Already Has Everything...Or Maybe Just Get It For Yourself

This is quite the eclectic selection ;)

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Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home with Books

What is a bibliophile? According to google it's "a person who collects or has a great love of books."

This inspiring book allows a glimpse into some of the most incredible book collections in the world. Get ready to look at floor-to-ceiling shelves, and stacks upon stacks of books. The book features interior designer Nina Freudenberger, New Yorker writer Sadie Stein, and Architectural Digest photographer Shade Degges.


Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

If you're into art, this books is for you! This gigantic book features more than 800 artworks from the Metropolitan Museum of Art aka The MET. The fun thing about this book is that it's organized with thematic keywords rather than the typical chronological order. On top of that you have about 160 curatorial essays and a detachable timeline to give you greater context.


From Clay to Kiln: A Beginner’s Guide to the Potter’s Wheel

If you've been thinking of getting into wheel-thrown pottery, my friend, then this is the book for you. Pottery is a great hobby to pick up, it's so relaxing and therapeutic. Trust me you will enjoy! Get ready for some stunning images and instructive step-by-step photography to get you from beginner to pro!


Chanel: Collections and Creations

Who doesn't love looking at Chanel? I, personally, cannot get enough. Chane is the most seductive brand out there and in this book, the House of Chanel reveals its private archives.

This visual journey of clothes, models, and timeless design will leave you wanting more.


Animal: Exploring the Zoological World

If you wanna browse at beautiful images of animals from way back when, then this is the book for you. There are more than 300 images here from all corners of the world.

It covers everything from cave paintings to medieval beasts, and biological illustrations. The book also covers works by the greats like Charles Darwin, as well as work from lesser known photographers who nonthesless have contributed significantly to the representation of animals throughout history!


The Japanese Garden

I love the colors of this book! They are so calming! I would just buy this for the cover. You're in luck though because the inside is just as good as the outside :)

This book is an in-depth exploration that goes 800 years back. It looks at the art, essence, and impact of the Japanese garden.

There are about 100 featured gardens with accompanying essays from leading artists and architects. Get ready to become an expert on the Japanese Garden.


Cereal City Guide: New York

New York New York, you are irreplaceable. Check out this portrait of the Empire City. This finely curated edit will give you some much needed travel and urban jungle inspo.

These will now be your favorite places to visit. This is not your typical city guide. These spots are the final few that remain after a million edits. You will find photo essays, interviews from celebrated locals, and an itinerary for the ideal day in this gleaming city!

Also, check out Cereal City Guide: London and Cereal City Guide: Paris.


Liaigre: Creation

Liaigre invites you to peruse at your own leisure its newest character-filled interiors!

Liagre specializes in French interiors and has been going strong for 30 years. You will be introduced to exquisite craftsmanship, subtle detailing, understated elegance like you've never seen before.

Get ready to be introduced to Japanese homes overlooking thermal springs, New Delhi palaces, and local villas in St. Moritz. You will be inspired :)


Abode: Thoughtful Living with Less

Cool California Interiors? Learn how to recreate it with this gem :)

This book will show you how to do home decor better regardless of your budget or home decor abilities. Maximize openness and create a space that is simple and true. Get ready to be immersed in masterpieces of warm minimalism, and in effect manifest your own beautiful interior :)


The Interior Design Handbook: Furnish, Decorate, and Style Your Space

Bible. This is the new bible for interior design. You will not be left wanting. Use this book to achieve a balanced and gorgeous home interior, no matter your location or your style.

The book takes notes from the home styling guru Frida Ramstedt. Frida has coached an entire Scandivnavian generation, and now she will teach you the basic rules of interior design through this beautifully illustrated book.


Cook Beautiful

Cook beautiful and be beautiful. Beauty comes from within, yes, but why not make meals that are presented so beautifully that they become unforgettable. This gorgeous book comes with 100 recipes, each with step-by-step advice on everything from prep to presentation.

This is where design meets food!

Bonus: each section of the book closes with a tablescape inspired by nature, along with table decor and entertaining tips. How fun! It's like the whole package.


Live Beautiful

Beautiful design improves the quality of our day-to-day lives. In this beautiful book Athena Calderone (the same person who authored the previous book) goes international and shows us interior from all over the world including her own. It's truly a feast for the eyes!


Dwell, Gather, Be: Design for Moments

This book explores how thoughtful home designs can create meaningful moments in your life. Your home undoubtedly has an impact on your happiness. This book is the beginning of that conversation. Learn to elevate the space that holds your family and friends. Let your external environment mirror your internal one of peace and happiness :)


Feck Perfuction: Dangerous Ideas on the Business of Life

It doesn't matter what industry you are in, this book will rock the boat and help revolutionize your creative career. This book will give you the nudge, or push even, to start living boldly and authentically.

This book preaches you to begin before you're ready, live dangerously, and take a risk, to live a purpose-driven life.


David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe

This oversized book is a collection of David Yarrow's best animal photography. His work is unparalleled and must not be taken for granted. He had to put himself in harm's way in order to capture the beauty of these creatures.

The images are given context from Yarrow's first person perspective. As you read you begin to realize he is someone that will not settle for anything less than excellent. His stort-telling is incredible to say the least. Don't miss out on this treat!


Surf Shack: Laid-Back Living by the Water

Cabin porn, cabin porn, and more cabin porn.

Peek into the life of surfers and how they have set up the spaces they retreat to after hitting the waves.



22 destinations, 11 countries.

Gray Malin's collection of travel escapes will take your breathe away.

In this book, Malin captures the spirit and essence of each vacay spot. It will inspire you to plan your own escape and go explore.


Nordic Islands

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands.

Epic landscapes peppered with native creatures like polar foxes, sea eagles, and puffins.

Stefan Foster invites you to view some of the most ruggedly beautiful places on earth. Get ready to be acquainted with the beauty of these epic color landscapes.


Mykonos Muse

Mykonos, aka the island of the winds, is a whitewashed island in Greece that is home to ancient mythology.

This book provides oversight and insight into the culture and society that has defined Mykonos as the go-to utopian island. This book will show you the magic that is Mykonos.


Brown Bohemians: Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community

"Brown Bohemians captures the essence and voice of an underrepresented demographic: creative people of color."

This book is sculpted by the collective stories of authors and artists that wish to reclaim a small space.

"Created to recognize and elevate the underrepresented and the undervalued, Brown Bō'hēmians is food for the creative spirit that most needs it: you."



You know those cute little illustrations you see on the Hermès packaging?

Yeah? Well now you have the privilege of seeing them all in one location. Hermès invites you to view the elegant collection of Alice Charbin’s whimsical illustrations from her 18-year collaboration with Hermès

All readers of all ages will smile :)



Need a light conversation starter? This is most adorable and perfect book for that job.

These photos catch the exact moment these hungry pups catch their treats!

Each photo captures each dog's goofy and hilarious personality. And it's all compiled here in one book for your pure entertainment!


Streets of New York

New York, New York. I just can't get enough of you. Then again, who can?

This book celebrates the diversity of NYC by showcasing the work of 40 contemporary photographers an their unique pov's of this glorious city. Enjoy!


Khazana: A Treasure Trove of Indo-Persian Recipes Inspired by the Mughals

Khazana means treasure trove.

In this book, Master chef Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, draws on her heritage to bring us Indo-Persian recipes that will not fail to delight your tastebuds.

Some of the recipes are Smoked Chicken & Basil Kebabs with Beetroot Basil Salad & Beetroot Buttermilk Raita, Mughul Baked Cod Korma and Crème Fraîche & Rose Ice Cream with Honey-glazed Figs. I can't wait to see what else the book has in store!


The Boba Book: Bubble Tea and Beyond

OMG Boba! I thought it would be great to end this blog post on a high.

You can't get any higher than BOBA.

Now you can make your own boba at home. Now you don't have to wait in line for this phenomenal treat! This book includes the classics like Hong Kong Milk Tea, as well as the more novel drinks like Strawberry Matcha Latte. Yummmmmmm :)

The pictures are the best part!



Which book would you get?? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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