31 Absolutely Delicious & Gorgeous Cupcakes!!!

I dreamed a dream filled with cupcakes and.....voila!

I have absolutely been craving cupcakes lately and so decided to do some deep research into it. I started by pinning a bunch of cupcake images to my TREATS board on Pinterest, and that led me to discover a ton of other images and recipes by some incredibly talented bakers and photographers out there. Come check out their baked artwork below!

passion fruit and poppy seed cupcakes | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO


Histories Del Ciervo is officially now one of my favorite foodie blogs! The blog is run by Julian Angel. He has experience as a designer, social media manager, photographer, and product designer, and constantly pulls from this for his inspiration. He began his culinary adventure via amateur baking and food photography, since then he has hosted workshops all over the world, from Paris to Jakarta.

His passion is unquestionable as you jump from blog post to blog post. Each new recipe and result is so thoughtfully done, his process documentation incredible and the final decorated dessert so gorgeous you wouldn't dare eat it. Several of his pieces are included in this blog post and I am so soooooo grateful I found them and am able to share them with you!

Take a look into Julian’s upcoming international workshops.

raspberry and white chocolate flower cupcakes | TWIGG STUDIOS

Welcome to Twiggstudios, a food blog run by Aimee Twigger. She is a baller when it comes to food photography and since starting this blog has traveled the world to teach workshops on food photography. She is quite the darling artist. This raspberry cupcake with white chocolate frosting is so organic and gorgeous! Each petal is piped with thought and care. Her cupcakes show many years of experience and are so simply gorgeous and refreshing to look at :)


blackberry white cupcakes | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

Another gorgeous piece by Julian Angel! Look how vibrant and colorful this cupcake is! The color is so sophisticated and matches the flower toppings perfectly. It's absolutely perfect for any spring/summer party or wedding. I could totally see this at a beach wedding. The cupcakes have fresh black berries mixed in and are topped with classic American buttercream. Julian uses Americolor Burgundy soft gel paste for the color. Beautiful!!!


elegant white cupcakes | I AM BAKER

This delightful cupcake is brought to you by I AM BAKER, a blog run by the resident baker, mother, wife and blogger Amanda Rettke. She created I AM BAKER in 2010 "out of the deep belief that I am a baker, you are a baker, and together, we are bakers. Together, we can bake something beautiful."

In this blog post, she shares the perfect white cupcake with a Whipped Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. It is subtly elegant and so pristine! I cannot help but agree that in its simplicity it is the perfect cupcake. It has a dense, moist, fine crumb, and a delicate texture and can be used with absolutely any frosting flavor. Enjoy!


dulce de leche cupcakes | PIES AND TACOS

Dulce de leche is a confection from Latin America prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its flavor from the Maillard reaction, also changing color. Dulce de leche is Spanish for "Sweet [made] of milk". This decadent cupcake is shared by PIES AND TACOS, a foodie blog by Camila. She was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil , but has been living in upstate New York since December 2011. Her recipe speaks for her delicious love for dulce de leche!


candy agate cupcake toppers | THE HONEY BLONDE

I love these cupcakes! They look like jewels! How creative! These candy agate cupcake toppers were created by Lindsey, the proud owner The Honey Blonde Blog. The site has a ton of recipes that hope to inspire and empower home bakers everywhere.

To make this cupcake topper, Lindsey experimented with several different ingredients but in the end, she found that plain old sugar worked best! She boiled the sugar till it reached the "hard crack" temperature, then dyed and layered them in different colors. While the candy was still hot, she sprinkled some coarse sugar into the middle to give it that geode appearance! I love it! Very innovative! The colors blend so nicely and the light shines so gorgeously through them!


earl grey cupcakes with chocolate frosting | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

I love how festive these look! They are almost seasonlessly festive. I feel you could use this for Easter, Christmas, New Year's Eve, or a birthday and each time it would work. This is of course another masterpiece by Julian Angel. My fav baker/good blogger! Your mouth is going to explode with all the flavors. It's not only Earl Grey Tea but also Lavender and Rose flavored, with silky chocolate ganache frosting that has some honey too! After the frosting is pipped they are garnished with dried culinary flowers and rose petals. I love love love!!!!


rosemary chocolate cupcakes with blackberries buttercream | ONE SARCASTIC BAKER

These rosemary chocolate cupcakes are all-natural, moist, tender, and extremely easy to make. Thank god! The recipe is shared by the food blog, ONE SARCASTIC BAKER, by Dee. She was born and raised in Israel and was imported to North Carolina by her Greek husband. She speaks three languages, Hebrew, English, and Sarcasm. LOL. Loving this woman and her blog so far.

Here she shares her rosemary cupcakes that are topped with delicious and gorgeous Italian meringue blackberry buttercream. The recipe makes about 12 cupcakes for 12 hungry mouths!


vanilla bean cupcakes | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

This is a simple cupcake but beautifully crafted. It's a vanilla cupcake with a buttercream frosting, garnished with a flower and edible gold star sprinkles. I love the stars, they make the cupcakes so magical. Another beauty made by Julian Angel!


pomegranate cupcakes | PIES AND TACOS

So fruity its almost healthy! So these pomegranate cupcakes are made of a fluffy vanilla cupcake, filled with pomegranate jam, and then frosted with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It is further decorated with a pomegranate macaron (yummmmy), some meringue cookies (more yummmmy), and fresh pomegranate (most yummmmy). For the meringues on top, she used Bakerella’s Meringue Kisses recipe.


rosewater & pistachio cupcakes | JANE'S PATISSERIE

I have always loved the color combination of pink and green and to see it in flavors combined makes the eating experience so much more satisfying. This recipe is shared by JANE'S PATISSERIE, a food blog run by, surprise, Jane! She attended Ashburton's Chef's Academy and started her blog shortly after.

The cupcakes are filled with pistachio and rosewater flavors. While the frosting is a rosewater buttercream, decorated with pistachio and dried raspberry bits and pieces. I love this pastel pink color, it's so feminine and cute!


blueberry matcha cupcakes | PIES AND TACOS

These matcha cupcakes are frosted with blueberry buttercream. The Buttercream is made with real blueberry jam. Alos, I love anything matcha so this was an automatic choice for the list, plus the colors are so strong and incredible! Matcha on top and on the bottom, it's like a little matcha sandwich but so much better!


rosewater & pistachio cupcakes | SUNCORE FOODS

I know I already listed another rosewater and pistachio cupcake but look how gorgeous Mei Yee interpreted this recipe! It's so adorable! My tastebuds are getting excited just looking at these images.


chocolate honey raspberry cupcakes | ONE SARCASTIC BAKER

These chocolate honey and raspberry cupcakes are soft and loaded with sweet and tart raspberry buttercream. The honey adds a very subtle flavor to your cupcakes. For some extra “gooey gooey” goodness, the ONE SARCASTIC BAKER suggests drizzling some honey into the cupcake liner before pouring the batter in. After the frosting is added, add another drizzle of honey on top of the frosting like the image below. The honey makes the cupcake absolutely gorgeous and drool-worthy!


pistachio cupcakes | COOKING CLASSY

These are 100% pistachio cupcakes. The cupcake, frosting, and garnish are pistachio based. The roses are a beautiful finish to this rich and decadent treat! The recipe and final result are shared by COOKING CLASSY, a foodie blog run by mother, writer, cook, and photographer Jaclyn. She uses COOKING CLASSY as a platform to share the food and expand her photography and writing skills. She's done very well. Look at how pretty they turned out!


blondie cupcakes with miso buttercream | BUTTER AND BRIOCHE

This is an adventurous treat! According to Thalia from BUTTER AND BRIOCHE, the blondie cupcake base has a light and moist crumb. It is permeated with white chocolate chunks and pure vanilla bean extract. This sweetness is counter-balanced by the salty miso flavored Italian meringue buttercream. I agree with Thalia that the miso seems counter-intuitive but I like her promise you that it is absolutely divine! Try before you dismiss!


buttermilk cupcakes with strawberry jam and yogurt frosting | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

I love this, it's so sophisticated! It's a buttermilk yellow cupcake, filled with cool strawberry jam, and then topped with strawberry yogurt buttercream, and garnished with strawberries, edible flowers, and golden sprinkles. I love it. I could eat this for dessert for like a year just because it looks so pretty! It's another fav from Historias Del Ciervo <3


lemon meringue cupcakes | THE LITTLE BLOG OF VEGAN

I love lemon meringue desserts! These cupcakes look so delicious! The recipe is shared by Holly Jade of THE LITTLE BLOG OF VEGAN. She converted to veganism by choice in 2015 and has taken the opportunity to explore new recipes, products, and foods. She hopes to inspire people who are thinking about turning vegan to make the change.

These scrumptious cupcakes are zesty, light, and delicious. The vanilla-based cupcake is filled with a cool lemon curd core and topped with the lightest and sweetest vegan meringue. It's a perfect treat for any afternoon, summer, winter, fall, or spring!


strawberry rose cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

Say hello to another one of my favs from Julian Angel. It's a strawberry rose cupcake with a coconut cream cheese frosting. I love the golden decorations, they are the perfect finishing touch! The coconut flakes make it seem so festive! I adore this!


lemon and elderflower cupcakes with salted buttercream | BRIT + CO

These delicious cupcakes are inspired by the wedding cake of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It's an organic lemon and elderflower cupcake with buttercream frosting and edible flowers. The recipe is shared by the blog BRIT + CO. The blog is run by Brit, a blogger, and mother of two. Her blog is unique in its mission, which is to unlock women's creativity and courage to try new things so that they can find the path to their true passions.


matcha cupcakes by iron chef shellie | MATCHA MAIDEN

This recipe comes from Iron Chef Shellie – food stylist, photographer, graphic designer and cook. Check out these beautiful matcha cupcakes iced to perfection with a delightful matcha buttercream. This dessert is 100% matcha, top, and bottom. YUMMM. It's decorated with some edible flowers! Even more yummmmmmm :)


ginger almond cupcakes with lilac buttercream frosting | HUMMINGBIRD HIGH

I love the soft lavender color of the frosting! The cupcakes are flavored with ginger and almond, and the frosting was inspired by lilacs, and are completely edible! They slightly taste like lavender, but not soapy. The frosting has lilac sugar mixed in too! The recipe is shared by Michelle from the HUMMINGBIRD HIGH. Her blog is so beautifully laid out! If you haven't seen it already I highly recommend it :)


green tea cupcakes with matcha cream cheese frosting | IMPERIAL SUGAR

A deliciously moist cupcake infused with antioxidant-rich green tea! Add some zen and good fortune to your day! It's a lemon cupcake base infused with green tea with a matcha cream cheese frosting. Double the matcha, double the fortune! I love the fortune cookie garnish, it definitely makes the cupcake look polished and sophisticated!


coconut dulce de leche cupcakes | ONE SARCASTIC BAKER

Look how smooth that drizzle looks! These cupcakes are inspired by a melt-in-your-mouth cookie called the Alfajor. The Alfajor is a sandwich cookie filled with Dulche De Leche and sprinkled with shredded coconut. The cupcake is infused with coconut extract, coconut milk, and coconut flakes, and filled with cool dulce de leche paste, it is then topped with vanilla buttercream and sprinkled with coconut flakes and drizzled with more dulce de leche. OMGGGG it sounds sooooooo good!!!!


vanilla bean chai cupcakes | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

The cupcake and frosting are infused with chai milk. The spongy vanilla bean cupcake is permeated with cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns, cardamom, anise, and blank tea, in other words, chai! It is topped with classic vanilla bean buttercream which is also of course infused with chai milk. To finish it, it's been decorated with cinnamon, anise, stars, and edible gold paper. I love it. It's amazing!


grape cupcakes | PIES AND TACOS

These cupcakes are made of a vanilla cupcake base, are filled with scrumptious grape jam, and frosted with walnut buttercream. Be sure to use concord grapes because they don't have and seeds and so will make things so much easier for yourself. Top the cupcake off with some cut up figs, grapes, and some edible leaves. How fun! It's so balanced, I love it!


greek yogurt and lime cupcakes filled with raspberry jam and cream cheese frosting | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

This creation is another fav from Julian Angel! He's such a rock star. It's a greek yogurt and lime cupcake, filled with raspberry jam, and topped with some zesty cream cheese frosting. It's then decorated with edible flowers that compliment the frosting color. I love how tall and proud that frosting looks. Everything about this screams eat me!!!!!


white chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate cream cheese frosting | HISTORIAS DEL CIERVO

There is so much beautiful color here! So much o freedom to be creative! This is a white chocolate cupcake with even more white chocolate found in the cream cheese frosting! The frosting is topped with all sorts of things from fresh strawberries, edible flowers, and chopped nuts. Add some edible gold paper for some dazzle, if you choose! Hoooray!


creme brulee cupcakes | COOKING CLASSY

This is such a decadent and sweet and crunchy cupcake! It's a vanilla cupcake base with a vanilla bean pastry cream that's brûléed to crunchy perfection. Using a kitchen torch can be a little worrying at first but you get used to it pretty quickly and it's so worth it! I love how the sugar caramelizes and makes this thin crunchy shell! Top it with some simple whipped cream and a berry!!! I get so excited just looking at this picture!


bubble gum frosting cupcakes with gelatin bubbles | SPRINKLE BAKES

Look how cute and fun these are! They are created by Heather, owner, and self-taught baker of the SPRINKLE BAKES blog. She started the blog in 2009 and since then has very much grown in popularity. In her recipe, she uses a yellow moist cupcake base, which is then topped with bubble gum frosting and decorated with amazing gelatin bubbles and sprinkles! It's the cutest thing ever! She saw the gelatin bubble technique on Cake Central has put her own clever spin on it!


no-fail chocolate cupcakes | OH SO DELICIOSO

Look how beautiful that frosting swirl is! All the colors and all the sprinkles! The cupcake is a moist chocolate base and is topped with delicious buttercream frosting. It's colored with a mixture of reds and blues and decorated with a variety of colorful sprinkles. AMAZING!!! The recipe is shared by Des the founder of the OH SO DELICIOSO blog. She's a wife, mama, and passionate photographer. She can juggle quite a handful and still make these beauties! Amazing!!


I hope you enjoyed perusing through all these beautiful cupcakes! I worked very hard on this post and I hope it inspires you to make your own baked creations!

What's your favorite cupcake recipe/cupcake topper???

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