Did You Know Feeling Snug Could Be The Key To Being Happier

I knew it!!!

It seems that ‘Cosyology’ – the art of getting cosy – is very critical to our wellbeing. Whether it's in the cold winters or the breezy summers, it appears that wrapping yourself in a blanket, or getting comfortable in your own way is crucial for improving our mental state.

According to Dr Becky Spelman, a leading psychologist, we as a species "are fundamentally territorial, which means for most people home is very important on an emotional as well as practical level." She claims that the snug feeling associated with being at home makes us feel comforted and content because of our emotional attachment.

The Scandinavians have a well-known word for this - hygge. Hygee is pronounced "hoo-ga," and it is a Danish concept that cannot be translated to one single word, however, in general, it encompasses feelings of cozy contentment and well-being. Hygge can be anything from a cup of coffee to going out with friends. It’s a feeling closely tied to feeling relaxed or chilled out.

Meik Wiking, the author of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living, and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, says that hygge has been called everything from “the art of creating intimacy,” to “coziness of the soul,” and even, “cocoa by candlelight.” It is a feeling that requires only your consciousness, and the ability to be present and enjoy that present moment.

According to recent research, it seems that 4/10 people struggle to go more than three days without having a relaxing night in. Being snug is a form of self-care and people are beginning to prioritize it more and more these days. More are wanting to stay home instead of going on a night out. By focusing on our well-being and giving ourselves time to replenish ourselves, we are able to give more of ourselves and less of what is left of ourselves, when the time comes for us to pick up our responsibilities again.

Feeling cozy at the beginning and end of my day absolutely makes me feel so happy, stable, and safe. Here are some things that can help you feel cozy:

1. Drinking some hot tea or coffee in the morning to get you slowly eased into your busy day

2. Lying on the sofa with a hot water bag, wrapped in a blanket, reading a book or watching a show

3. Closing the blinds and dimming the lights, and maybe lighting a candle or two

4. Eating home-cooked meals with loved ones

5. Wearing cozy lounge and pj's with fluffy warm slippers

6. Cuddling in bed with a loved one under nice soft fluffy blankets

7. Putting good soft music on

8. Ordering takeout with a loved one

9. Having a spa-like bath experience with warm towels, a book, and bubbles in your tub and in your champagne flute

What activities do you enjoy and help you feel cozy???

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COZY DAY AT HOME | Finding joy in the little things

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