My First Blog Post

Hey Everyone! This is my first blog post! Welcome to The Cozzee Project! A resource for self-care, growth, and happiness. I want to thank you all for following and supporting me on the way here.

We’re already up to 3,430 followers on instagram and 273,000 monthly views on Pinterest! I can’t believe it! When I first started this side hustle, I hadn’t even ever used instagram for anything other than ogling at peoples delicious food pics late at night in bed.

I have learnt so much along the way from everyone here, to the youtube videos, to my virtual team, and I am extremely grateful for all the tips and tricks that have been handed to me. We are not exactly profitable, but that’s ok, it’s all part of the process :)

Let me know in the comments what you’d like to know more about :)

Stay cozzee, stay awhile xxx