Still-in-Stock Puzzles To Kill Time And Boredom

Yup, you read correctly, still-in-stock. Get in there while stocks last!

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Color-Changing Puzzle

1,000 pieces, 1,000 colors. You will feel so satisfied when you complete this one! Plus it will look gorgeous on any wall!

Keith Haring Puzzle

Lose yourself in a flow state by concentrating on the cheerful, chaotic illustrations that cover this 500-piece puzzle. Each spontaneous, graffiti-like figure is rendered from illustrations by Pop artist Keith Haring, whose work is in MoMA’s collection. The fact that the puzzle is black-and-white helps make the Keith Haring Puzzle as challenging as it is charming. When fully assembled, the Keith Haring Puzzle measures 24.5l x 36.25”w and makes a surprising centerpiece on a desk or table. Made in France by Vilac, a manufacturer in MoMA's collection. Ages 8+

Keith Haring

One of the key figures in New York's East Village art scene in the 1970s and 1980s, Keith Haring developed a unique and distinctly personal vocabulary of bold, graphic icons—barking dogs, flying saucers, winged figures, and a crawling "radiant baby"—which he combined with abstract marks and patterns in densely packed compositions. An artist in the Museum’s collection, Haring’s work has been included in a number of MoMA exhibitions, starting in 1981 in MoMA PS1’s New York/New Wave exhibition and more recently in Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000 in 2012.

Andy Warhol Mini Shaped Puzzles

This is a fun mini 100 piece puzzle. It's still satisfying and I would still love to have this hanging somewhere in my room. This is one of Andy Warhol's most iconic pieces known as the banana. Take a break from Netflix and do one of these in 30 minutes or less!

Frank Stella Puzzle

I love this colored puzzle! It features Frank Stella's geo painting Firuzabad, a work in MoMA’s collection. This 750-piece puzzle is uniquely contoured and shaped so it mimics her artwork exactly. The colors here are absolutely brilliant and would look gorgeous hanging on any wall.

Votes for Women Puzzle

Celebrate suffrage with this beautifully illustrated, 500-piece puzzle. In the mid 19th century, tons of people began fighting tirelessly for the female vote and didn't stop until they finally won in 1920. This circle shows voting rights champions, from Elizabeth Cady Stanton to Frederick Douglass. This colorful challenge comes with a poster-sized pamphlet offering bonus information on this landmark development in American history.

Geode Puzzle

Looking at this makes me so hungry to do more puzzles! I love how there are 3 different kinds and colors, almost like a mini-series. Each puzzle is unique so don't expect the same challenge three times over!

540 Colors 3D Puzzle

Check out this 3D Rainbow Sphere puzzle! The puzzle even comes with a stand so you don't have to worry about this rolling away and getting trampled on. You can keep it safe and sound on your shelf like a puzzle trophy/piece of home decor!

Climate Action Puzzle

This puzzle shows the "Fridays For Future" movement. There's also a girl who looks like Greta Thunberg that's holding a sign that says, Protect Respect Love." FYI, $2 from every purchase of the Climate Action Puzzle goes to support our Better to Give partner, American Forests. Also, the puzzle is made from 90% post-consumer recycled grayboard and soy-based inks.

Joyful Rainbow Wooden Puzzle

I love this watercolor rainbow puzzle! The colors are absolutely beautiful and sophisticated, not too bright and gaudy! Did I mention the puzzle pieces are laser cut from birch and basswood ply! it just makes the whole experience more special!

Night Sky Wooden Puzzle

Work on this gorgeous nighttime skyscape! Look how fun the puzzle piece shapes are! This is definitely attention-grabbing and a one of a kind puzzle, I'd love to find a way to stick on my ceiling so I could see it before going to bed.

Inside the Museum Puzzle

I absolutely love this. It celebrates all the fun times and all the amazing places I've visited at The Met. There's so much fun detail here, I feel I could work in this non-stop!

Van Gogh Self-Portrait Puzzle

How can anyone not love Van Gogh? I just love how the colors come together and form his portrait. This is such a fun puzzle to do and I can't wait till mine arrives! Did you know he used a mirror to make his self-portraits because he couldn't afford a model to explore figure painting? Resourceful, no!

Unicorn in Captivity Puzzle

This puzzle portrays the Unicorn Tapestries which are on display at the Met Cloisters. There are a total of 7 tapestries and they all show scenes of the hunt for this enchanted unicorn - a magical symbol of the medieval imagination. This is on my wishlist, I would love to have this in my bedroom!

Klimt: The Kiss Puzzle

This gorgeous metallic puzzle portrays one of Gustav Klimt's (Austrian, 1862–1918) paintings, The Kiss. The painting was created in the artist’s signature "golden style." Now you can figure out the puzzle and hang this beautiful artwork in your home!

Do you know of any other puzzles that are still in stock? Let me know in the comments!

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