The Funnest Finds On Farm Rio

Be still my heart

Quick facts about the brand:

  • One purchase = One tree planted

  • Farm Rio was started in 1997

  • It is Brazil's most beloved clothing brand

"We believe that solar rays enlighten the soul. We believe in all colors and shapes that nature brings to our eyes, to our feelings"

flower stripe crochet sweater


This is so carefree!

stripes midi dress


Texture, texture, texture.

colorful stripes mini skirt


The ruching and the stripes give off such beach vibes!

mixed fruits umbrella


I would use this even if the sun wasn't out.

colorful bead blue mule


These are so beautiful and unique. Slipping them on will transport you to an exotic place.

marys garden blouse


Gorgeous silhouette. Love the airy sleeves. So breezy!

lilac tropicaliente blouse


Look at the buttons on the cuff! They are daisies!

embroidered straw mule


Coconuts for life!

borogodo leopard blouse


This looks beaded, but it's actually embroidered!

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