WTF is Kombucha?

So I realize that this trend peaked around 2013-2015 but I'm one of your late adopters that isn't so easily bought into a new trend. But today, I decided I finally wanted to learn what all the hype was about.

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Less stress? More energy? A healthy dose of bacteria? Sound gross? Well, get ready because kombucha is a trendy wellness drink made up of a combination of just that: bacteria, tea, and sugar. The result tastes somewhat like sour-fruity apple cider and has a vinegar-like smell.

What's All The Hype?

Kombucha has had a growing fanbase for a while now but it isn't exactly a new concoction. Kombucha has its origins from Ancient China. Back then they believed it to be a natural remedy to inflammation like arthritis. Nowadays, kombucha is believed to be a natural home-remedy and a one-stop solution for everything from acne to constipation.

I know, what is it exactly? Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea drink made with added yeast and a culture of bacteria, and maybe fruit juice for extra flavor. After the ingredients are blended, the mixture goes through a process called S.C.O.B.Y., which stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. The live bacteria is what allows for the fermentation process to begin.

We have become so much more health conscious in the recent years. And our proactive choices to find food and drink that support our overall wellbeing have become evident in the trendy wellness commodities lining the shelves of stores.

Kombucha is one of the more popular and regular items on these shelves. This is because it contains probiotics which are microorganisms like the "good bacteria" in your gut, that can help with your overall health.

To keep things simple, I have compiled a list of kombucha's benefits below:

  • fights colds

  • lowers cholesterol

  • promotes a healthy gut

  • relieves irritable bowel syndrome

  • relieves diarrhea

  • relieves food allergies

  • helps prevent reduction of antioxidants

  • reverses effects of stress on immune system

  • good source of vitamin B

  • regulates metabolism and energy

  • contributes to a healthy heart, skin, and nails

Is It Alcoholic?

Naturally, due to the fermentation process there is an alcoholic percentage produced. If you want to consume a daily non-alcoholic beverage you will be looking for bottles that contain a percentage 0.5% or less. If you are looking for something that gives you a little more buzz, you would, of course, head to the alcohol section of the store where I'm sure you'll find a ton of kombucha drinks to mix into cocktails and what not. Enjoy!

How Safe Is It To Make?

So here's the deal. In theory, kombucha is relatively easy to make at home. However, if the kombucha is brewed in an area that does not meet sanitary standards, then there is a good chance you will get food poisoning. Moreover, some people do not realize that brewing in ceramic containers can be fatal as the acids in the tea draw out the lead form the glaze, and thus contaminate the brew with toxins.

So in short, to make kombucha, you need sugar, tea, an active starter culture of bacteria, and yeast. You can purchase all these ingredients with the starter kits below. The culture, aka the "mother culture" is combined to the tea and the concoction is then left to sit for about 10 days, during which a colony of bacteria forms on top. After the fermentation, you can remove the culture and use it to start new brews. And the what is left is the kombucha ready to drink.

There have been some concerns about the sugar content. And yes while you do start out with a large amount, most of the sugar is fermented out. At the end you are really only left with 1-2 grams per 8oz serving. That's much less than soda and other bottled drinks.

And FYI, kombucha does have caffeine but only 1/3 the amount of caffeine as a cup of black tea. So you'd need to drink 3 servings to if you're looking to replace your coffee latte.

Kombucha Starter Kits We Love

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So all though it is revered as a one-stop solution to ailments please note that it is NOT. Yes it does have a ton of amazing health benefits that help with your digestive and immune system, but in no way is it a replacement for clinical medications and cure-all for sicknesses such as cancer.

Do you like kombucha? What flavors have you tried?

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Kombucha Products We Love

If you're new to kombucha it's probably best to start with buying some first before brewing your own. Kombucha comes in a myriad of flavors but we'd love to share our favorite drinks with you as well as some other kombucha products we think you'll love as well! Enjoy!

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